These Are the Most Used Shopify Ecommerce Themes – and Here is Why

Most business owners that want to move their business online are usually eager to get their online store up and running as quickly as possible, however we would definitely suggest for you to take your time, especially when it comes to the design aspect of your website. It is very important that you pick the right ecommerce theme for you to work with, since this will be the bases of your website, and when it comes to themes, ecommerce themes designed for Shopify are one of the best ones out there.


This is actually an ecommerce theme that started off as a WordPress theme, but because of the great success that it has had, it has since been brought into the world of Shopify as well, and that alone says a lot. This theme is the perfect example of a theme that embraces all that Shopify has to offer and it also includes a couple of stylistic options that can be suited for many different types of online stores. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in selling electronics, furniture, perfume or any other products, Shopier has you covered.


When it comes to this ecommerce theme for Shopify, pastel colors and nice, sharp edges are the way to go. The theme offers twelve different demos where it shows off its clean aesthetic perfectly, while also giving you some great of-the-shelf solutions and providing you with different types of inspiration that you can use for your own customization. iOne also comes with a bunch of unique built-in features, for example an instant list or grid change, lazy loading, product zoom and much more.


This Shopify ecommerce theme is a multipurpose one that can be used, and is suitable for many different types of online stores. The theme boasts something called a mega-menu, which is basically an advanced filter module which when used, allows your customers to sort through the products that you offer according to size, color or price. This theme also includes multiple widgets, a beautiful look-book, built in customization options, and much more.

Home Market

This Shopify ecommerce theme is the perfect choice for any business owner that has an ecommerce website with a large inventory, since the main point of this theme is to make it very easy and quick for customers to browse through all of the categories and products that you can offer them. The theme has a very responsive design, unlimited color options for you to choose from, flexible layouts, and much more.

As you can see, each of these themes can offer you, as the user, many different types of options that can not only help you when building your ecommerce, but can also help your customers get a smoother online shopping experience, which is why we consider a Shopify ecommerce theme the perfect choice for any business.

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